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FlowMetric Europe

Life Science
Quantifying Biologic Response through Cytometry.

Global Contract Research Organization providing flow cytometry and cell sorting services from preclinical development throughout clinical trials while also creating innovative flow cytometry solutions in precision medicine. 

FlowMetric Europe, a GLP/GCP Complaint Specialty CRO, is focused on providing custom high-dimensional Flow Cytometry and cell sorting services to the European community.
Expertise and experience bringing over 100 years of combined flow cytometry skills in multiple therapeutic areas
Quick Turnaround Time & Lead times on all projects
Concierge-level services providing constant communication through effective project management
Global locations with identical levels of quality, instrument footprint and service offerings

Key Service Offerings:

  • Immunophenotyping (up to 18 colors simultaneously on a single cell)
  • Sample processing, cell culture & Cryopreservation/Storage
  • Cell Sorting (up to 4 populations from a single sample)
  • IO specific-clinical trial flow cytometry panels
  • Receptor Occupancy panel development & validation
  • Probiotic Enumeration
Gianluca Carenzo
CEO at FlowMetric 

The mission of the company is to improve lives, driven by our dedication to scientific expertise, integrity, innovation and people.