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Sibylla Biotech

New Drugs
Life Science
Sibylla is a platform-based early-stage drug discovery company with the mission of developing new drugs for untreatable diseases by using its degrader platform. 

We revolutionize the Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) field by unveiling a novel class of folding interfering degraders.

The company exploits exceptional progress in the proprietary computational platform enabling the vectorial folding pathway simulation of biologically relevant proteins out of ribosome, and the identification of long-lived folding intermediate structures at atomic resolution.
Traditional pharmacological methods of rational drug discovery investigate the target proteins' interaction sites in their native, biologically active state.

Novel methods act at the DNA level.
Sibylla follows an alternative approach, identifying small molecules that bind to pockets in the folding intermediate states, eventually preventing protein folding and leading the protein to degradation. This new class of pockets disappears in the native state, which is why Sibylla's technology enables targeting and degrading proteins that have been so far considered undruggable.

Sibylla platform technology is called PPI-FIT (Pharmacological Protein Inactivation by Folding Intermediate Targeting), and Sibylla's degraders are called FIDs (Folding Interfering Degraders).

Sibylla develops a pipeline of internal projects in different therapeutic areas, and partners with pharma companies. 
The most advanced target is currently progressing through preclinical validation.