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February 29th - March 1st 

The Future of Pathology Research is Digital: New Challenges and Old Friends

OpenZone, Via Lillo del Duca 10, 20090 Bresso, Milan - Italy

Workshop objectives

The workshop aims to discuss the impact of new technologies such as: Artificial Intelligence; Digital Pathology; Tissue Microarray; Spatial Biology (Multiplexing); Next Generation Sequencing and Organoids to understand Cancer Biology. It will be discussed the importance in using validated antibody to minimize analysis misinterpretation and biases; the impact of AI in Pathology Research; the value of the Tissue Microarray technology to analyse hundreds of tissues simultaneously and how TMA paraffin cassettes are prepared and the multiple ways that tissues and cells can be analysed efficiently. It will be discussed how AI and TMAs platforms can be used for Molecular (PCR) and Genetic (NGS) analysis. Keynote speakers will also discuss Spatial Biology (multiplexing) and spheroids/organoids applications in cancer research.



February 29th - ImmunoHistoChemistry Course for Tissue & Cell MicroArray
Designing and Manufacturing of Tissue Microarrays (TMA) (Pasquale De Blasio)
Strengths and limitations of TMAs, including the analysis of heterogeneous tumors (Guido Sauter)
Selection and use of appropriate TMAs for antibody evaluation and validation (Guido Sauter)
Development of optimal manual IHC protocols (Guido Sauter)
Manual and automated evaluation of brightfield IHC staining protocols (Ronald Simon)
TMAs in liver cancer Research (Luigi Terracciano)
Multiplex immunohistochemistry for inexpensive of 20+ antibodies analysis (Niclas Blessin)

March 1st
Artificial Intelligence in Digital Pathology
TMA & Multiplexing Analysis
Cell Arrays (Stem Cell screening, Organoids analysis, etc.)-(Ida Biunno)
“High-throughput molecular profiling of tissue cores” (FISH, PCR from tissue cores and NGS)
Vendors presentations on new technologies for TMA & Multiplexing  technologies


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