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Giugno 2022

Hyivy Health is disrupting women health

Hyivy Health is developing the first smart pelvic health rehabilitation system for the 1-in-3 women who will develop pelvic health complications in their lifetime.  This includes Floora™️, a vaginal wand providing three therapies: thermal therapy, lubrication, and auto dilation. This device connects directly with a patient Hyivy App and the Hyivy Clinician Software so patients can enjoy therapy treatment from the comfort of their own home while being monitored by, and be connected with, their clinician in real-time. 

It is currently nose-deep into finessing the manufacturability of Floora™️, safety testing, ISO 13485 certification, and regulatory approvals for the FDA and Health Canada, all to prepare for the upcoming clinical studies with McMaster University to further explore Floora™️'s, use for pelvic pain with endometriosis patients and Grand River Cancer Centre, where Hyivy is exploring the changes in stenosis, pain, and incontinence in gynaecological and colorectal patients. 
Hyivy Health also has an R&D pipeline of products that has begun this year. While our Floora™️ goes through studies Hyivy is also currently recruiting both patients and clinicians for focus groups and product testing to ensure an effective, patient first, clinician-friendly pelvic health rehabilitation system.