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December 2023

Axxam enters CNS partnership with Lundbeck
for Lead Identification

Axxam, one of the 34 companies part of our campus,  recentely announced the formalization of a partnership with Lundbeck, aimed at supporting Lundbeck for early-stage drug discovery programs related to CNS indications.
The signature of this first partnership agreement between Axxam and Lundbeck, for the identification and qualification of small molecules relevant to CNS targets, comes after more than five years of successful collaboration in assay development and High-Throughput Screening.  The partnership relies on Axxam’s science-driven approach to deliver qualified hits and leads, also for complex targets, through an optimized and elaborated screening funnel involving a panel of experts in the fields, including but not limited to automation, cell biology, electrophysiology, HTS, imaging, and compound profiling. Furthermore, within this partnership, Lundbeck will also have access to Axxam’s prestigious compound collection AXXDiversity composed of over 345.000 carefully selected compounds. 
Dr. Stefan Lohmer
Co-founder and CEO at Axxam

We are thrilled and feel privileged to support Lundbeck through this partnership in the mission to discover and develop novel   drugs for the treatment of neurological diseases

Dr. Tarek Samad
SVP & Global Head of Research, Corporate Patents & Trademarks, Lundbeck

We are excited to partner with Axxam and leverage a rich compound collection and state of the art screening abilities. We look forward to a productive partnership aimed at discovering and delivering novel chemical entities to expand Lundbeck’s discovery pipeline and bring therapies for patients with unmet needs.