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Apply Science presents Apply Quantum, a Quantum Artificial Intelligence spin-off

Apply Science is proud to announce the new spin off, based in Edinburgh and named Apply Quantum, dedicated to Quantum Artificial Intelligence.
Apply Science, in 2019, has been the first and maybe still the only private Italian company joining the IBM Quantum Network, so this evolution was due and we were looking forward to make it happen.

In the following lines we are going to explain what’s behind our initiative

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Innovation are rapidly changing the world and this digital transformation seems to be accelerating. We are already at a stage where the simple fact of using AI makes no news, it is considered normality.

So, which is the ingredient of current innovation? For sure, deep learning is ruling, as it is the most advanced form of mathematical method to create some kind of learning algorithm. We have no other approach to machine learning that can be comparable in terms of capabilities.


Yet, like any other approach, the outcome of deep learning is a stupid AI.


Our current AI, even the best of the best, is intrinsically stupid, as it has no consciousness.
AI is not aware of what is doing, we are not able to code for consciousness, we do not even know what consciousness is.
This point is a crucial point. Consciousness.

Also some famous Nobel Prizes have been reasoning about it:
Sir Roger Penrose

Intelligence cannot be present without understanding. No computer has any awareness of what it does.

Richard Feynman

I am fascinated by the human experience. I obsess over theories of consciousness. What is consciuosness?

About Ten Years Ago, Some Theories About Consciousness Did Appear In Literature, With A Relevant Contribution By Roger Penrose Himself.

Click here for the paper

In recent times we know that experimental results seem to confirm the possibility of such disruptive theories.

Click Here For The Paper

Basically, the idea is that the biological brain may be a quantum computer, or say it differently, have its core functions based on quantum computing and quantum information.

If this is true, it becomes clear why we are not even able to design an intelligent AI: biological intelligence is based on the probabilities described and ruled by Quantum Physics, while our CPUs are based on the alternation of very deterministic and classical on/off.


Here is quantum computing as it enters the scene. If biological intelligence, the only intelligent intelligence known in the universe, is based on quantum mechanics, maybe a quantum computer is a mandatory requirement to create an intelligent AI.

In any case, even if we will not be able to create something intelligent as we mean it, quantum AI is expected to be disruptive, both for speed and performance. We already have evidences of this fact.

Simulations, optimisations, drug discovery, healthcare, defense and fintech are going to experience unprecedent improvements thanks to quantum computing and its application to AI.
Apply Quantum is in the first line both for research and application.

Visit Apply Quantum website and schedule a meeting with Apply in OpenZone to discuss this amazing new door open towards the future of life sciences.