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OpenZone Talk

Iain Mattaj - Precision Medicine: Introducing the Human Technopole

18 febbraio 2020
Ore 13 - 14
Library, OpenZone

Progress in gene editing and new technologies are making advances in precision medicine possible, but there is still a lot of work to be done to afford people longer and healthier lives. Based at the heart of MIND, Milano Innovation District, Human Technopole is Italy's new research institute for Life Sciences, aiming to promote human health and well-being through personalized and interdisciplinary approaches.
The Director Iain Mattaj will introduce this ambitious project, that will combine different topics from genomics to translational and basic research, from big data analysis to the introduction of new analytical methods, from the development of medical devices and innovative diagnostic tests to the processing of socio-economic data for providing new analytical solutions for the public policies decision makers. The best news? Much of this is just a few short years away.