SERVIZI polosalute

The health center was founded in Bresso in April, 2007 as a meeting place between the Zambon world and the customers, the suppliers and the people we work with or who want to know us.


It’s a structure consisting of 10 different meeting rooms, spread over 3 floors.

The rooms vary in size and can contain from 4 to 20 persons up to a maximum of 200 in the “Listening” room placed on the ground floor of the structure.

The 9 meeting rooms of the Health Center bind their names to our world: 9 "S" which represent us and introduce us to all the people we involve in our projects and our work.

They are comfortable spaces that offer the opportunity of using additional services such as video projectors, flip charts, call-conferences and in particular the rooms “Safety” and “Synthesis” give the possibility to make even videoconferences thanks to the adequate equipment.

In addition to this, there is also the possibility to have coffee break and lunches during the meetings.

Listening Room
Experimentation Room