SERVIZI museo

To us, the dialogue and meeting place between business and culture is our Museum, built in July 2008 by refurbishing an old industrial building of approximately 700 sqm.

Zambon Museum is an authentic source to remember and share the value of the cultural heritage that consists of 107 years of history.

A unique history, built on passion and values, born from the sweat and the initiative of men and women who contributed in the past – and still continue to this day – in weaving the warp of our business community.

Related to the Museum, the project “Zambon Historical Archive” was launched in 2010; this project was created with the idea of giving birth to a heritage of ideas, experiences and testimonies through the collection, preservation, digitalization and valorization of the vast archival endowment of the company.


With our Museum we want to accompany the visitor in a journey through time, the Zambon time, articulated on the 6 letters that form “ZAMBON” and that distinguish as many containers.

The temporal path however doesn’t follow a chrono-sequential logic, but it winds, from one container to the other, in a path which proceeds through emotions and values that are an essential part of the old shed’s atmosphere.


Z is the initial of Zambon and it tells the company’s story,


A-Authorsis dedicated to the people who worked and are still working in the company,


M-Make represents the value of doing,


B-Brand expresses our identity through the history of our brands,


O-Opportunityillustrates our research,


N-Now is about the present, in a container which is continually rearranged.


Zambon Museum and its 6 containers, symbols of our tangibility and feel for artisan crafts
A place where culture and business meet each
Open Circle: a place where share and spend time together in great moments or important occasions
We desire to improve life and health quality through chemical and pharmaceutical solutions
A “living” museum: the expression of values integrated with business
The outside of Zambon Museum
Zambon Museum: an history of yesterday, today and tomorrow in 6 letters
A lesson in values and through values
The research is opportunity
Open Circle: a meeting place