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It is a way of being and understanding the work that distinguish us, making our community alive and a place of professional and personal growth.

An opportunity to rediscover the importance of collaborating and feeling a real part of the company. A culture who creates continuous synergies between companies and work as integral parts of a community in which you live with an active spirit in order to create your own future.

Values, symbols, colors and inspirations which create an actual philosophy, a language able to foster positive relations between colleagues, facilitating business decisions.

Over the years we developed a series of initiatives to improve the quality of corporate life:



2 markerbv Palestra

Fitness – Wellness Area ground floor building B1. A space, opened in 2011, of about 80 square meters, provided with a weight room with Life Fitness and Technogym machineries that allow you to develop all the muscles. The power plate and the vibration training, supervised by a personal trainer, are also available.

3 markerbv Laundry

Ground floor, building B1 (Tuesday and Friday from 12,30 to 14,00)

4 markerbvWellness area

Wellness Area ground floor, building B1

5 marker bv ATM

Benvivere Area, ground floor, building B1

Kreativity Office
Benvivere area
Thinking Room
Kreativity Office
Kreativity Office