Oxy.gen, the results of a partnership between Zambon, the Lombardy Region and the Municipality of Bresso, is a breathtaking science site immersed in the "Science Gardens".

Oxy.gen is a futuristic bubble-shaped structure that seems to float on an artificial pond, designed by the architect Michele De Lucchi, within which it is possible to explore the breath in its health-related aspects and implications.

Students, researchers, citizens and families can experience an educational journey based on the concept of edutainment, created by a collaboration between Zoé - Zambon Open Education Foundation - and Parco Nord Milano.

The didactic offer, divided into twelve steps, provides a complete overview of oxygen and breathing: each participant is an actor of the edutainment experience in a dynamic and spectacular setting that can actively engage visitors through experiments, games and movies. Oxy.gen is a great training ground for the body and the mind to learn how to interact with the fascinating world of breathing.

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